3 minutes without air ! 3 days without water ! 3 weeks without food !

Water is essential to our survival; every bodily function requires adequate water to perform correctly.

In this class, you will learn:
The importance of staying hydrated
How to ration water
How to correctly identify the symptoms of dehydration
How to retain water if necessary

And, how to get water from our natural environment wherever that might be:
Tapping into trees and plants
Rainwater catchment systems
Natural wells
Water courses

The principles of distillation are important to understand. We teach the construction and use of solar still, vegetation still, and forced still.

Sterilization + Filtration = Purification

We will teach you how to make your drinking water safe for human consumption. You will learn the importance of filtering your water and how to make a filter from your environment and numerous ways you can sterilize the fluid to complete the purification process.