1 Fire lays and ignition is a half day class concentrating
The importance of fire in any situation
Different ways we can get fire
Importance of tinder and how to process
Different fire lay construction of all application s


2 water procurement is a half day class concentrating on
The importance of hydration
How to get water in any given environment
The principals of distillation
Water from plants ect

3 traps and triggers is a half day class concentrating on
The principals of trapping
Construction and application of different traps and were to apply them
the class also  covers our environmental and humanitarian responsibilities when trapping

4 Tracking and game trails half day class
Learning to think like the animal we are trying to catch
Where they live
There habits
Scats and bate items
And there tracks

5 improvised hunting equipment full day class covering
Principals of
Opportunistic hunting
Survival bow construction
Spear and atlas build and application
Killing sticks
Environmental and humanitarian responsibilities when hunting

6 Survival shelter s full day class
Designs of shelter from different parts of the world and where to use them
Recognition of Natural shelters and when and how to use them
Construction of jungle shelter and the importance of getting off the ground

7 survival camp craft full day class
Camp selection what makes a good location The art of making camp and life comfortable
Making tools and furniture
From your natural environment
Natural cordage

8 wild cooking full day class
Cooking without equipment
How to Cook in the ground
Building earth ovens
Cooking with bamboo
Different methods Boiling water

9 mayday and survival first aid
Signalling for help different methods
Venomous first aid dos and don’t s
Bushcraft first aid improvising from you environment

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