DC Bushcraft is the only survival school in the Sierra Nevada and in all of Colombia. We offer bushcraft & survival courses as well as tours and expeditions, which cover all the knowledge you need to survive in the jungle.

This is not a walk in the park; the tours take you through canyons, into waterfalls and places that most people never see. The survival courses cover everything from the basics of building a fire, finding water, and food to shelter. Bushcraft classes also cover things like wild kitchen cooking, construction of survival camps and improvised team hunting.

Become a master of survival.


survival courses, Colombia, bushcraft, jungle adventureThe Great Bootsby

A lifetime spent in the search for action and adventure and an abject passion for bushcraft and survival has taken the one they call Bootsby to some of the toughest environments on the planet; from deep ocean to high mountain glaciers, jungle and desert, he has cut his teeth in the world! Although it’s an ask me no questions and I’ll tell you no lies answer when asked about his past, his actions and experience speak for themselves and he often will recall stories of his past escapades of Indiana Jones-esque trips; anything from swimming down rapids in glacial rivers of Nepal, smuggling emeralds, numerous encounters with deadly snakes, epic free climbs, man eating crocodiles, a lot of big sharks, and crazy expeditions to mention but a few!


Relevant Qualifications

Adventurer, Scuba diver, Free climber, Skydiver, Mountaineer, Paragliding Pilot, Sailboat Skipper, First Aid in multiple environments, Life Coach, Entrepreneur.

Lover of life, slow cooked meat and indigenous cooking