Welcome to DC Bushcraft & Survival School.

Located just 40 minutes walking from Minca in, the beautiful foothills of the Sierra Nevada Colombia.

Situated smack dab in the heart of the jungle, the campus boasts riverside accommodation, scenic waterfalls, verdant mountains, canyons and vast jungle in every direction; where better for you to escape for bushcraft and survival training?

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Come join one of our courses for a veritable whirlwind of valuable information combined with infield practice to apply the skills shown in an amassing environment . Covering all of the most essential outdoor skills, we aim to show you how to look after yourself – staying safe, comfortable, warm, watered and fed by maximizing natures many resources.

Whether you are male or female, 19 or 69, we have courses you will love.


Develop your own inner bushcrafter.5big

The over riding theme of the school, whether as a course, class or tour, is to develop your inner bushcrafter. We take each subject right back to basics to show you how to best survive in unplanned outdoor emergency scenarios.

Classes are half and full days (1 subject per class).
Courses are custom built to suit.
Tours are from one to seven days.
Courses and tours include include accommodation in one of our jungle campsites or slung up in a jungle hammock on the property, and a nightly fire in our riverside kiosko.
We offer ice cold beer, fruit juice and good food, making sure your well looked after.

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